Evixo MailGuard

What is Evixo MailGuard

Evixo MailGuard is our platform to make sure the email you receive is clean. We use methods to filter, scan and protect your email.

Blocking virusses, making sure you never click any phising link again and providing mail fallback is why you should use Evixo MailGuard.

Email fallback

Don’t worry again about not receiving emails – Evixo has you covered. Our MailGuard platform is designed to receive emails first after which it tries to deliver to your (on premise) email server.

Email is held for 30 days on our platform, which means you have 30 days to restore your email services in case of downtime. In case of maintenance, you no longer have to worry about not receiving emails either; finish maintenance and our servers deliver the email to your email server – all seamlessly!

Request a quote

Contact us for a quote. Please tell us how many domains you want to have protected and we will respond within 1 business day.